Management & Leasing Services

Hiring a professional property manager benefits your business in both the long run and the short term. It reduces maintenance costs, helps increase occupancy and rental rates, and preserves your property, thus maximizing its value.

Having a property manager encourages interaction with tenants, which reduces tenant turnover. And, it helps with capital reserve needs planning. Let us know how we can help you. Give us a call at (703) 836-1200 today.


  • 7% of the rent, you collect the rent directly from the tenant. We do the following:
    • Provide general maintenance
    • Periodic inspection
    • Tenant relations
    • Enforce the lease, including contacting tenant when the rent is late
  • 8% of the rent, we do all of the above and the following:
    • Collect the rent
    • Tenants relations
    • Monthly & Annual financial statements and 1099s
  • 10% of the rent, we do all of the above and the following:
    • Pay your mortgage payments out of the rent collected.
    • Pay your condo or POA fees out of the rent collected.


  • Advice on Market Values
  • Tenant Verification/Credit Reports
  • Property Condition Checklist
  • Leases/Renewals @ 75% of 1st month’s rent
  • Tenant Relations